Her Father Came to Her in a Dream..

Many years ago, R’ Yosef Teitelbaum, a Rabbi in Hungary – After 5 or 6 years of being Rabbi, he was asked to leave their apartment due to unexpected circumstances. Leaving would mean that he’d also lose his job. His wife was not taking the whole situation so well in addition to another challenge that came her way. She went to sleep crying and her father came to her in a dream… Rabbi Sinai shares the story

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Thoughts vs Action – Who Wins?

In the Torah portion of Shemot – Moses’ mother places him in a wicker basket and sends him down the Nile river with hopes that he would be saved from the decree that all boys be killed. Miriam, his sister, kept an eye on him from behind the bushes, while Batya, Pharaoh’s daughter found him and took him in, adopted him as her own. Our Sages teach us that these 2 women were both rewarded – Miriam greater than Batya, and the question is Why? Rabbi Ari Enkin shares the lesson…

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Chanukah: How To LIVE IT

How does the story of Chanukah relate to me? We are not fighting the ancient Greeks anymore. If the destruction of the temple, the contaminated oil and the whole battle that they went through is all part of the Jewish Story, then how do connect to that? In Judaism Holidays are not just meant to commemorate, but we’re meant to somehow relive it.
Rabbi Yitzchak Botton shares an insight into how we can relate to the story of Chanuka even today.

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Chanukah: Finding Light In The Darkness

A true story that happened on the Chanukah Holiday in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. The Grand Rabbi, the Bobover Rebbe risked his life to light the Chanukah candles for the Jews in his camp. On the first night, as he was about to say the 3rd blessing of ‘Shehechiyanu’, he hesitated. Later the people asked him what was this hesitation all about? Rabbi Aaron Pessin shares the story and lesson that we can learn from it

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