Parenting and Leadership

The Key to True Leadership & Parenting

Throughout the Torah there are many conversations recorded. Between Abraham and Sarah, Abraham and the angles who came to visit him, Abraham and the Kings – but yet there is only 1 short conversation between Abraham and his beloved son Isaac. A total of only 15 words. How is it that Isaac became who he was with very little fatherly input and fatherly teachings? What was the parenting and leadership secret that was known to Abraham?

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Behind The Greatness Of Abraham

In the Torah portion of Lech Lecha we are introduced to Abraham – He was the first Jew. He taught the world about G-d. He did acts of kindness to no end. He was told by G-d that it was time to move to the land of Israel and when he arrives, the verse states “He pitched his tent” – but the words “his tent” are spelled strangely in the verse. It’s spelled with a letter hei and not a vav. Implying something else. Rabbi Ari Enkin shares an important lesson in life, and reveals yet another point of greatness found in Abraham our forefather.

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Noah – Living in a Corrupt Society (2min)

Noah lived in a time when society was so corrupt that God had to destroy the entire world through a massive flood. The Torah says that Noah found favor in God’s eyes, Noah walked with God, yet we also see that there is no mention of Noah in any social circles….Why exactly is this? Rabbi Ari Enkin shares a fascinating insight regarding Noah and the way he lived, but more importantly, what we can learn from him…

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