Chanukah: Al Hanissim Prayer – There’s a Big Difference

On Chanukah we mention the Al Hanissim prayer several times throughout our day – We also mention this same prayer on the Purim Holiday – The idea on both holidays is similar, a prayer of thanks and praise and commemoration of what happened in those days, but there is an interesting difference in the actual wording – the Rabbi Aaron Pessin shares a beautiful insight into the prayer of Al Hanissim.

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Chanukah: How To LIVE IT

How does the story of Chanukah relate to me? We are not fighting the ancient Greeks anymore. If the destruction of the temple, the contaminated oil and the whole battle that they went through is all part of the Jewish Story, then how do connect to that? In Judaism Holidays are not just meant to commemorate, but we’re meant to somehow relive it.
Rabbi Yitzchak Botton shares an insight into how we can relate to the story of Chanuka even today.

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Chanukah: Finding Light In The Darkness

A true story that happened on the Chanukah Holiday in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. The Grand Rabbi, the Bobover Rebbe risked his life to light the Chanukah candles for the Jews in his camp. On the first night, as he was about to say the 3rd blessing of ‘Shehechiyanu’, he hesitated. Later the people asked him what was this hesitation all about? Rabbi Aaron Pessin shares the story and lesson that we can learn from it

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Chanukah: When You Do THIS, Miracles Can Happen

Sometimes in life we may feel that “we’re not enough” – and that plays out by limiting our dreams, we feel like we are putting ourselves in a box, or we feel like we need to dress or speak a certain way so other people understand you. The truth is that with proper perspective, we are able to break through that feeling and tap into something much greater. Jacob Rupp brings out one of the concepts behind Chanukah

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Chanukah: 500 Answers Why We Celebrate 8 Days

A famous question is asked – Why do we celebrate 8 days of Chanukah, when the miracle was only 7 days? They found oil that would last 1 day and a miracle occurred and it lasted for 8 – so in theory we should only be celebrating 7 days of miracle, Why then do we celebrate 8 days? A book was written called “Yemei Shmonah” with 500 answers to this questions – Rabbi Pessin shares an important lesson for the Jewish people in their ongoing battle to uphold the Torah and the Jewish heritage.

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