Thoughts vs Action – Who Wins?

In the Torah portion of Shemot – Moses’ mother places him in a wicker basket and sends him down the Nile river with hopes that he would be saved from the decree that all boys be killed. Miriam, his sister, kept an eye on him from behind the bushes, while Batya, Pharaoh’s daughter found him and took him in, adopted him as her own. Our Sages teach us that these 2 women were both rewarded – Miriam greater than Batya, and the question is Why? Rabbi Ari Enkin shares the lesson.

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  1. bs’d
    On the other hand this world is olam haasiya, we are here to accomplish and to do.
    A secular Jew may say i’m a good person and i love G-d and the jewish people but we all know this not enough. Thoughts as good as they are, but not translated into actions are of poor value.
    As always the right balance is the answer for this topic.

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