Chanukah: Al Hanissim Prayer – There’s a Big Difference

On Chanukah we mention the Al Hanissim prayer several times throughout our day – We also mention this same prayer on the Purim Holiday – The idea on both holidays is similar, a prayer of thanks and praise and commemoration of what happened in those days, but there is an interesting difference in the actual wording – the Rabbi Aaron Pessin shares a beautiful insight into the prayer of Al Hanissim.

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Tisha Bav

Tisha B’Av – Doing Kindness Vs Loving Kindness

Rabbi Yehezkel Abramsky used to say that our fast day of Tisha B’Av reminds him of old people at an old age home. What do people do at an old age home? They sit around in their slippers, think and talk about food all day long. Is that what we should be doing on this day? Rabbi Pessin shares the words of our prophets which give insight into what God really wants from us…

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Who Will Be The NEXT PRESIDENT of the USA?

In Proverbs it says that “a king’s heart is in the hands of G-d” – but what does that mean? It’s explained that once someone is placed in a position of power and authority, he loses his free choice. He is now under the control of G-d. So what does that mean for us and the US elections 2020? Rabbi Pessin shares the lesson, and perhaps he will reveal to us, who will be the new president of the US?

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