Purim: The Essence of the Day

Why is Purim called Purim? We know that it’s explained in the scroll of Esther (Megilat Esther) that it’s called Purim because of the Pur / the lottery that Haman did. Pur is lottery in Hebrew. However Rabbi Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl explains a different reason, in a lighthearted/Purim fashion. Rabbi Aaron Pessin shares the essence of this special Jewish holiday.

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  1. First time I ever heard that “PURIM…PUR…for the “POOR”.
    I mean, first time I heard such a lexical cognate associated with these 2. I love finding them, as in Sukkah perifpheral vision (to SEE a Schach over 20 amos) Shaltan, from SUTLAN to rule, like a sultan. but here the meanings are off (LOTTERY and FINANCIALLY DESPONDANT).
    The CHIDASH is duly noted. GREAT WORK!

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