5 Things Jews Don’t Do on Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the Jewish Year. It’s also one of the happiest. Yom Kippur is like the Shabbat, in that it’s a day of rest and no work is done on this day – but Yom Kippur is unique in that we also refrain from a variety of additional physical activities – Why is that? in this video Eliav Friedman, MSW shares 5 of the activities that we don’t do on this holy day and why…

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Chanukah: How To LIVE IT

How does the story of Chanukah relate to me? We are not fighting the ancient Greeks anymore. If the destruction of the temple, the contaminated oil and the whole battle that they went through is all part of the Jewish Story, then how do connect to that? In Judaism Holidays are not just meant to commemorate, but we’re meant to somehow relive it.
Rabbi Yitzchak Botton shares an insight into how we can relate to the story of Chanuka even today.

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Chanukah: Finding Light In The Darkness

A true story that happened on the Chanukah Holiday in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. The Grand Rabbi, the Bobover Rebbe risked his life to light the Chanukah candles for the Jews in his camp. On the first night, as he was about to say the 3rd blessing of ‘Shehechiyanu’, he hesitated. Later the people asked him what was this hesitation all about? Rabbi Aaron Pessin shares the story and lesson that we can learn from it

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