1. It is never lost! It says the voice from Sinai has never stopped (not sure the source). We just have to listen, and do!

      1. That is, there is nothing but G-d and the whole world and everything is a miracle. We can always listen and do what G-d asks of us (mitvot, etc)! πŸ™‚

    2. Excellent, but Yitro came either after giving of the Torah, but it also after the incident with Amalek.
      It is easy to join after great miracles, when all seems wonderful, but to join after such an attack, that is very special and in a way self understanding by Yitro, that even when not being shined upon with G-d’s special grace, Bnai Yisrael are a nation that will always, in the end, be great and deserving of G-d’s love

      1. I come to Israel on Passover every year in Beit Shemash
        and my son and his 5 children visit for 3 years and next year we
        will come in 2018 and his last son is Bar Mitzvah and we will
        also go for Passover.

  1. Shalom,
    It reminds me of the saying.
    For those who have EYES TO SEE, EARS TO HEAR!???
    Do not have tunnel vision, for my ABBA, is the GREAT I AM THAT I AM!
    He performs miracles day and night. One must only open their sights.
    The God of ABRAHAM, Isaac and Jacob, is the same yesterday, tomorrow and forever
    AMEN and AMEN. I love HIM.

  2. Rabbi, What book and what chapter and what verse can I read for myself about this only one man who came to see the miracles of God with regards to Moses and the people of Israel crossing the Red Sea ?

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