1. Excellent. Just one Question.
      Joseph Virtually ruled Egypt. He had
      all the resources at his disposal to find his Father. He knew where Jacob was.
      Why wait all this time ?

      1. Good question!! There are many answers. One answer is that Joseph knew that God’s plan was that Jacob should not know he is alive until a certain date. He did not want to “ruin” God’s plan. There are other answers as well.

        Ari Enkin

        1. Thank you. Rabbi
          Still feel that Hashem would have wanted
          Joseph to be an example of love and Kabod
          to ones’ Father.
          But Hashem knows what is best

  1. R. Enkin: Thank you this reminder of a parents duty . I unfortunately have allowed to many years to pass with out contact with my son. So I am reminded and will take measures to attempt a contact and resolve issues that exist…..Happy New Year……JA

  2. Wow ! This is a very powerful message succinctly presented in a short video. We all realize that the real future lies in the hands of our children and grandchildren. This should be our first priority. Your 90-second video has confirmed our Torah way of thinking and hopefully will change viewers’ approach to interpersonal relations for the rest of their lives.

    Israel Rubin

  3. Thank you rabbi
    My husband has not had any relationship with his grandparents in years. He often mourns for this loss. I hope that one day this relationship will be restored as we have their only great grandson or grandchild for that matter who we would love for them to meet.

  4. I have to admit that I have been been getting notifications of these postings for some time, but had never clicked through. Now I can say two things: 1. They are lovely. 2. You are right; you cant watch just one!

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