Tisha Bav

Tisha B’Av – Doing Kindness Vs Loving Kindness

Rabbi Yehezkel Abramsky used to say that our fast day of Tisha B’Av reminds him of old people at an old age home. What do people do at an old age home? They sit around in their slippers, think and talk about food all day long. Is that what we should be doing on this day? Rabbi Pessin shares the words of our prophets which give insight into what God really wants from us…

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Learning Greatness From Moses

In the Torah portion of Chukat we read about the song that the Jewish people sung in celebration and thanksgiving for the well that followed them and provided water for them, through out their journey in the desert – however, there is another place in the Torah when the Jews also sing a song of Thanks to God, but there is a difference in the wording of these 2 verses. Why is that? Rabbi Ari Enkin shares the lesson.

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A Parable For The End of Days

The Talmud from over 2000 years ago tells a fascinating story about Rabbah bar bar Hana, who was on a boat in the ocean, and happened upon an island. Little did he know, that this island was the back of a giant fish. They stopped the boat for a break, and took out a barbecue to cook some food. The heat from the fire triggered the fish, and it flipped over. Had it not been for the boat near by, they would have drowned. The Netivot HaMishpat, (a great Rabbi from around 250 years ago) explains the parable to be referring to what will be when the Jews finally make their return to Israel, the land of Israel…

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