Tailor Made Marriage? (70 Sec)

Credits: Video filmed by Yaakov Citron. Big Thanks!
Nadav and Avihu were among the greatest Jews of their time – In fact, despite their sin, we are told they were otherwise righteous in every way. There is a Midrash that suggests a reason for Nadav and Avihu’s punishment of death. A lesson about relationships by Rabbi Ari Enkin


  1. I always thought that they died because of the incense. Wow I learn something new every day thank you rabbi and thanks to Hashem for all his love.

    1. @idalya
      Based on the simple meaning of the verse in the Torah.
      I believe you to be correct.
      It says:
      “Aaron’s sons Nadav and Avihu each took his pan, put fire in them and placed incense upon it, and they brought before the L‑rd foreign fire, which He had not commanded them. Fire went forth from before the L‑rd and consumed them . . .”(Leviticus 10:1–2)

      i.e. They died when they brought an offering which Hashem had not commanded them.

      I think it’s fundamental to know that in Torah Wisdom there are 4 ways / depths of understanding:
      1. Pshat (Literal, Simplest Meaning),
      2. Remez (Hints, Hidden Meanings),
      3. Drash (Midrash, Deeper Meanings)
      4. Sod (Kabbalah, Secret Meanings)

      That said, Rabbi Ari Enkin is sharing one interpretation from a Midrash – which would fall under the 3rd way of understanding. The Midrashic text is not meant to contradict the simple meaning of the verse, but rather to bring more depth and dimension to it.
      More study of the topic would be needed to fully understand how they work together in harmony.

      Midrash is fundamental in Judaism, and if you are interested you should learn more about it…
      Here is a great article on the topic:

      All the best
      Founder of Drops of Light Project

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