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HELP SPREAD 1 MILLION MINUTES OF JEWISH WISDOM BY 2018 – Together we can make it happen!

Select a one of the options above to contribute to the Drops of Light Project and join in the merit of spreading Torah to Jews around the world.

Drops of Light Project operational costs include, but are not limited to:
website development
filming equipment/gear
marketing initiatives
hardware/software and
video production

Here are some stats from across all channels(Updated: July.30.2017)

  • About 170 videos
  • Over 40 speakers featured
  • Over 1000 followers/subscribers
  • Over 100,000 minutes played
  • Some of our top geographies are US, Canada, Israel, UK, South Africa, Australia and the Netherlands.
    The feedback we are getting is very positive.
    Thank G-d, we’re really making an impact!

    Even one minute can make a difference in someones life.
    Even one minute is priceless.

    With your contribution today we can spread the Light, further and brighter.

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